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Jon Godfrey

There are three things that I love: my God, my family, and service. My relationship with Christ is my motivating factor as I live my life. He is central to my decisions, my actions, and my relationships. I am active in supporting missions to spread the gospel and I am active in volunteering at church.

My family is also extremely important to me. They bring me joy, happiness, and pride. They are the reason I work hard so that I can provide for them. My wife Sarah, is an amazing woman and mother. She supports me and our family with grace, love, and selflessness. My son Hunter loves to play soccer, video games, and read. He is a great big brother, creative, and very smart. My daughter Elliana loves to play soccer, watch videos, and play with her friends. She is competitive, athletic, and charming.

I believe service is the key to building relationships and keeping them. I have been teaching elementary school for 16 years and I love to see the kids learn new things and see them light up when they have accomplished something. I am just a part of that process as I give them the tools to learn. In real estate, I believe that forming a relationship with your client is paramount. I want my clients to know that I am trustworthy and that I have their needs and wants at the forefront of my mind when working with them. I will be diligent in finding a home for them or selling their home for just the right price.


Our house had been on the market for over 10 months with no formal offers when we asked Jon to represent us. Just over two weeks later we had two offers and a sale. Jon saved our bacon, and he will work hard to represent your best interests.

William Ashley Griffith